25 years Faithful Service and Souval Box - MC179


This is a beautiful long service award that retains nearly 100% of the silver finish in the medal. Given for 25 years Faithful Service this award is still in great condition. Black enamel makes up a swastika on the front. On the reverse in German is 'For Faithful Service'. A blue ribbon is firmly attached with a functional pin. Just the award itself is in great condition.


This one will display quite nicely in anyone’s collection and as a bonus it comes with an original Souval box. On the face of the box is a cog wheel and a 25 embossed in silver. Lining the box is red felt and the box is neatly separated into two so that the ribbon and medal are separated. Reverse the case and you can see that there is some damage but nothing that really affects the integrity of the box.   $99.00

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