24" Railroad Eagle LOK- G184


It's been my experience that close to 3/4 of all LOK 600 railroad eagles which were taken by G.I. souvenir hunters during and after WWII, were new and unused out of the Pinter casting firm. Being such, they are usually found with the mounting studs which remain uncut / turned, and void of threads. For a change it's nice to be able to offer one which was actually used during the infamous 3rd Reich era. And that's exactly what you see here. This LOK 600 eagle displays a natural aluminum finish over it's obverse, and shows that it has been cleaned at sometime since the end of the war. None the less with it's dark and light shading it still makes a nice display. The bird is full length at 23 3/4" inches, and void of any holes, gouges, or any other damage. The reverse remains uncleaned as shown, bearing the 4 intact threaded mounting studs. Shown on the left wing are the manufacture's trademark, P S in a circle. And the symbols for locomotive, size, and chemical composition; LOK 600, GAl-Mg-Si. A decent display railroad eagle, always in demand by 3rd Reich collectors. $1750.00


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