24" Railroad Eagle - G190


Occasionally returning vets got overzealous with cleaning, shining, and altering their war trophies, or allowed their family members and kids to play with them. Just like edged weapons, helmets and other relics, the so called railroad eagle we sometimes encounter are buffed up, painted, and over polished.


In this offering we have one that is dirty, grimy, tarnished, grungy, filthy, stinky, disgusting and encrusted with dirt. I love it when they're found that way! Yes, this one is all of those adjectives and more. There is a cake of grime which literally covers every square centimeter of this bird. This eagle is considered a 60cm version, though it measures a little more, at 24 3/4". Though it is difficult to see depth in the photos but there is a 10 degree bend inward at the right wing, as you look at the obverse of this eagle. It is right in the area which has the stud located behind it. I'm surmising that the "souvenir seeker" thought that he could just rip this eagle off of train car when he spotted it. When he tried that approach, it started to bend that area of the wing. Realizing that this eagle was held on by 3 heavy duty studs measuring 1/2 inch in diameter, probably decided to proceed in a different method of unfastening it. No big deal. It's got a little bit of a tweak to one wing, but a whole lot of history which makes it all the more interesting. On the reverse is shown a copper gold surface covering. This coating extends onto the wing edge tips, and even to the rim of the wreath on the obverse. All 3 threaded studs remain on the reverse, which is a rather nice bonus for a change. As collectors know, more often than not these studs are found cut, snapped, or broken off completely. The maker's logo is relative obscure as to the foundry's initials who cast this rail eagle. But they look like GPH within a circle shown on the reverse. Also seen are the compound elements taken from the periodic table: GAl-Mg-Si. A neat railroad eagle, with a ton of character, and a load of collector appeal !  $2695.00      RESERVED



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